Apple vs. Samsung

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Too much ado about nothing.

Ladies and gents, we all forget what’s the most important thing here. Gadgets, the way they are used and the public that use them, are really not that much about spring at top/bottom of the list, or icons this or that way (square, rounded, or silhouetted). At the end of the day, we use them for two main reasons: because they have applications we need, and because they let us consume the content we want. Who have enveloped all that and offered the users one comprehensive do-all system – Apple and later Amazon. Only lately Google has joined the game.

The applications are the real force of the new generations of gadgets. And applications are available in hundreds of thousands on both major respective platforms. The real question for me is not how much were inventive the designers and engineers at Apple, Samsung or other companies, and by that award them patent rights for this or that. The question that should of been asked is what eco-system provides more creator-friendly conditions for various independent programmers, designers and concept creators. It is them who provide „meat“ to gadgets. Because of that we have enormous communities like XDA, and never ending list of fun sites for both platforms. After all, we all like to tweak our products, and many do the famous ROM „swapping“. Others jailbreak their products to activate options and capabilities locked by the manufacturer. Other write petitions to unlock the boot loader.

What does that mean? No platform is God given, and is not a best solution in this or that case.

Does that give them the right to be restrictive on their users and play them the way they want? Unfortunately yes, as long as we chose to give them our money.

If all of this is happening it is not the fault of Manufacturers. They just think they can go away with it. It is us consumers that have the last word.

Chose freedom. The way you did in the days of SOPA and other Mega-Minds „inventions“. For the rest, both Apple and Samsung are making money, what ever we say.

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